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zn+1 = znk + p*position + c0 + c1i
fractals.cc // fractal explorer // by @bigblueboo // check out the daily sketch tumblr // or bigblueboo.com   
Let's explore Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.
These controls determine your field of view.

If you ever get lost, or can't see the fractal, try pressing resetView.

fractalType sets k, p, c1, and c0 to a specific type of fractal.

Try changing k, p, c1, and c0 yourself to freely discover fractals on your own.

Note the equation in the lower-left to understand how these values correspond with the fractal calculation.

Julia and Mandelbrot fractals belong to a type called escape-time fractals.

TLDR: The colors you're seeing are determined by how many times the equation in the lower-left needs to calculate before the result "escapes" (i.e., exceeds a certain distance.)

Just that little equation yields all this complexity!

Go forth, discover a form never before seen! And share it on by pressing takeSnapshot.

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